Flash Fiction: The Boat

Once upon a time, there was a boat. It was a simple boat, crafted by bare, rough hands in the heat of summer with carefully bowed planks of red cedar. It was large enough for two but never more than that, though that had never been a worry. There were only two, had only ever … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: In Which You Said So

You said so. Or at least, I thought you did. I thought I heard you say it when we were lying on my bed, watching the stars that never appeared in my ceiling. We talked about what we did that day and who we spoke to and what we thought about the state of the … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Held Up, or, Right On Time

She entered the house, poised for a tangle. She was quite sure she’d left the lights off, the door locked, her rooms neat. So why was there a lamp burning, the light soft against the window of her room on the upper floor? Was that a shadow she saw, flickering in the lamplight against the … Continue reading