Flash Fiction: He Called Her Name

Every time he called her name, she drowned. Limbs reaching involuntarily heavenward, she sank. Her lungs filled with no air, her mind slowly, surely, shut down. She suffocated on the breath she’d draw to respond. She’d forget her name, her age, her place of birth. Her tongue shifted laboriously, heavy and useless in her mouth, … Continue reading

National Poetry Month: The Supermarket

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a more traditional poem for your enjoyment! The Supermarket And though there is nothing left of you I still think I see you in the supermarket when I am gripping the ripened peppers and frowning at the half rotted tomatoes when I am trying to be different … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: By the Lake

I am standing by the lake. The sun is sinking down behind the aged buildings to the West, and the air is starting to chill. My skin prickles in protest but I won’t move. Not until you’re here. I have to shield my eyes as the sun sinks, the lake sucking in the orange light … Continue reading