Flash Fiction: Curious, or Naked

She knocks on the door and waits for an answer. Sweat beads on her palm, on her brow – she has never done this before. Not this, but the other. The more confusing. The more complicated. She’d been invited, been asked here. The other woman, the one with the dark hair, had been so suggestive, … Continue reading

In Which The Snow Blankets the Earth

It’s quiet. It’s more than quiet, and it’s honestly less than peaceful, but you don’t see me complaining. I like the quiet, sometimes. Sometimes it’s needed. For the earth to just settle down for a few days, for the traffic to slow, for the people to stay inside, for businesses to close. Yes, the snow … Continue reading

In Which I Discover Tarot

She flips the cards slowly, deliberately. Strength. Her eyes light up, as though she’s just made a discovery that she can’t keep to herself. “What this card is trying to tell you is that you want the courage to go after your future. Your heart’s desire is the strength to do the things you need. … Continue reading