Spam Awards: The Literary

So, I have not been keeping up on my resolution to write twice a week, but I have a good reason! I have been very sick the last week, to the point where even my hands were sore. But, now I’m back! And with some silly Spam to  boot. One Shakespeare wrote on the post … Continue reading

Spam Awards: The Bucket List

Pretty sure this spammer was trying to get people to click with the use of a funny comment. But, um…what on earth does this have to do with your casino? Unless you’re hinting at something… “I just read a record of ‘the a hundred points to do before you die’. I am fairly shocked ‘yell … Continue reading

Spam Awards: In Which I Am Accused of Not Being Authentic

Oddly enough, this bit of spam was left on my last Spam Awards Post: “I considered that some of this stuff could have been duplicated from elsewhere, it’s scattered across the net and various peoples websites, unless you’re the content’s creator?” Is he seriously accusing me of not creating my own content? Well, I mean, … Continue reading

Spam Awards: In Which I Am Scolded by the Spam

I think it’s about time I began a series for all the ridiculous spam I receive. I will be calling it the Spam Awards, and will post any crazy spam I receive under that title. So far, I’ve had Pep Talking Spam and just all around Weird Spam and other random spammy comments. Today’s spam … Continue reading