Flash Fiction: The Pupil

An awesome online lit journal called Molotov Cocktail published a piece of my flash fiction recently, called The Pupil. If you like serial killers with a twist, then maybe it’s for you. Either way, it’ll only take you a few minutes to read it. So support a sweet journal while you do! You can check … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Hitchhiker

He was slouched and slender, with wild blond curls down to his shoulders. He was as beautiful as any woman I had ever met, and from the darkness beneath the eyes I could see that it had served him poorly. I had never been tempted to pick up hitchhikers before, but something in the way … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Earl Gray

I sip Earl Gray tea at a table in the corner. It is dim and mysterious in my corner, exactly how I like it when seeing someone more attractive than I. Daylight is so unforgiving. I want to be mistaken for beautiful, even though my self consciousness will get the better of me once I … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Liar

She didn’t think she would actually end up here. Especially not in the middle of March, not because she had nowhere to go. After all was said and done, after all the accusations and the denials and the expensive dishes thrown against walls like nothing, nothing. She didn’t think that she would have the guts … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Room

He sits on a chair in the middle of a dark, dingy room. He waits, as always, for the door to open, for someone to come in, for someone to rescue him from this place. No, he is not bound to the chair. His feet are not nailed to the cracked and moldering floor of … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Oldest Story

I meet Eric in the cafe two blocks from my house. It’s quiet here. The vibe is faintly Parisian – snooty but somehow still warm. Eric is not my boyfriend. Eric, I know, should not even be my friend, and yet we continue to find ourselves here, in this faintly Parisian cafe two blocks from … Continue reading