In Which the Music Takes Over

I stopped participating in Script Frenzy. The story simply wasn’t calling to me anymore and everything felt forced. I was creatively drained. So I called off the frenzy and I put the story aside. Yesterday, I turned on my music and sat down to check some emails. I opened up gmail and deleted my junk … Continue reading

In Which Script Frenzy Kicked My Butt (And It’s Not Even Over)

Yep. You read correctly. I have given up on Scriptfrenzy. The story wasn’t calling to me the way I thought it was – there is still something missing and I can’t put my finger on it. A friend had some great advice that I’m toying with, but nothing is solid. It’s funny that I had … Continue reading

This Is Harder Than I Thought

NaNoWriMo flew by for me.  It felt wonderful – I had so much to say, I loved my characters. It connected. Scriptfrenzy has been harder. There is something not clicking, not falling into place. My characters are interesting but their chemistry is just a little bit off. I need to get to know them better … Continue reading