Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction: Small Grief

I try to make my grief small, so no one else knows it’s there. I smile and I breathe deeply when I feel my eyes water, and even though my heart is palpitating, I make sure you understand that my grief is my own, and no one else can have it. You made your grief … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Wishing Well

And I am at the point where everything has turned upside down and now it is the tips of my hair grazing the stones, not my feet at all. There is a wishing well some distance from here but I don’t think it works because I’ve wished and wished for someone to just tell me, … Continue reading

Flash Fiction / Prose Poetry: The Man (and the Desert)

And there was a man. And there was a heart murmur, and a tumbleweed and some other things. And we passed the abandoned train tracks on our way to the end of the line, tracks scattered with rusted coal cars. Coal cars ransacked and graffiti-ed and completely lost to the shepherd that used to look … Continue reading


There is a railroad not far from here. To the south of it, about ten yards away, there are several warehouses, some abandoned. To the north, there is wild buffalo grass and sunflowers, as far as the eye can see. I’ve walked along the tracks many times. The trains still use it to carry coal, … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: In Which You Said So

You said so. Or at least, I thought you did. I thought I heard you say it when we were lying on my bed, watching the stars that never appeared in my ceiling. We talked about what we did that day and who we spoke to and what we thought about the state of the … Continue reading