Flash Fiction: Liar

She didn’t think she would actually end up here. Especially not in the middle of March, not because she had nowhere to go. After all was said and done, after all the accusations and the denials and the expensive dishes thrown against walls like nothing, nothing. She didn’t think that she would have the guts … Continue reading

In Which I Can See the End of the Writing Desert

I am breathing again. It’s been a few months since I have been able to really say that. With buying a house, dealing with shifting friendships, moving, acting, and vacation, I have barely been able to think. Writing has truly been the last thing on my mind. My tweets are down to one or two … Continue reading

Flash Fiction / Prose Poetry: The Man (and the Desert)

And there was a man. And there was a heart murmur, and a tumbleweed and some other things. And we passed the abandoned train tracks on our way to the end of the line, tracks scattered with rusted coal cars. Coal cars ransacked and graffiti-ed and completely lost to the shepherd that used to look … Continue reading

The Importance of Knowing Your Stuff

My writing instructors always touted the importance of knowing mythology and religion. It is important, they always said, to know the Bible. To know Greek myth. To know your history. Why? Because there are no new stories. We all know this. It’s pounded into our heads over and over – we aren’t original, we aren’t … Continue reading