Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry: Smile

I realized this morning that I haven’t posted in weeks! I’ve been busy with film shoots and randoms, so it just kind of ran away from me. This is a fiction/poetry hybrid I wrote a while back. I remembered having written it after my shoot last weekend, which deals with similar themes. Hope you like! … Continue reading

Prose Poetry/Flash Fiction: Dead Sea

For Ben. And when I woke, I was floating on a bright sea, the thick salt lifting me with strong hands. The dream was clear but whatever reality had been inside it vanished the moment I opened my eyes. The person walking around wore my face and it only alarmed me once the light bulb … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Boneyard

And there was a roller coaster. A piece of glass. A long, breathless run. I broke my hands and now they’re useless. I broke the birds and now they won’t fly. I broke everything. I broke everything. If there was any way to explain this, if there was any way to make the words form … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Pictures Of You

The sky is burning. There is a layer of red on the horizon, a plume of smoke cutting through the sunset. No way to escape, now. No where to go. I lie in bed and toss and turn and finally when I realize that sleep will never come I still myself. I stare up at … Continue reading

Stream of Consciousness: These Are the Things I’ll Never Say

This is an exercise in stream of consciousness writing. I have been using it a lot for the book I’m working on right now and this is one I wrote to get the creative juices flowing. And there’s a storm that’s been brewing in my chest since I told you to go and I’m so … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Mountains

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything – it’s been a draining couple of weeks and my creativity  has waned. I’ll be honest, I have no idea where this short piece came from. I wrote it in the twenty minutes before I went to bed last night, and I have not edited it. The … Continue reading

National Poetry Month: The Supermarket

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a more traditional poem for your enjoyment! The Supermarket And though there is nothing left of you I still think I see you in the supermarket when I am gripping the ripened peppers and frowning at the half rotted tomatoes when I am trying to be different … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Summer

She gripped his hand and they rocked together to the melody. Soft, soft, soothing saxophone and crickets sang them down, down into darkness. They’d spent years here, on this porch. Muggy, murky summers passed and lightning bugs bumbled through the thick air. Autumn came and whispered the chirping cicadas away. Red and orange burned into … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: The Woods

I am done. I have to be done now. I can still feel the cold, twig-laden dirt of the campground pressed against my back, the scores in my skin hold the memory captive. I think I remember dreaming as I lay there in the dark, alone and un-alone. There was a fire, and I am … Continue reading

Flash Prose Poetry: Flesh

There is a sound. There is a sound, and a beating heart, and a shaking hand. Your goose pimpled flesh makes you look small despite your size, young despite your maturity. Why are you so cold? What did I say to cool the air so, what did I murmur to scare the warmth away? I’m … Continue reading