Flash Fiction: The Wall

And so there they were, feet sinking ever so slightly into the wet sand. Two minutes, maybe less, and for the first time they could think of nothing to say. Universes in their past, tattooed into their skin, every star sown into the fabric of their lives and yet here, now, there was nothing to … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Done

I am done, she said. Not aloud, not to anyone who would hear the words. She said it with a choice, with a lack of doing that spoke volumes louder than any words she could have chosen. I am done, she told him. She told him by not showing up, by ignoring his calls, by … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: The Woods

I am done. I have to be done now. I can still feel the cold, twig-laden dirt of the campground pressed against my back, the scores in my skin hold the memory captive. I think I remember dreaming as I lay there in the dark, alone and un-alone. There was a fire, and I am … Continue reading

Flash Prose Poetry: Flesh

There is a sound. There is a sound, and a beating heart, and a shaking hand. Your goose pimpled flesh makes you look small despite your size, young despite your maturity. Why are you so cold? What did I say to cool the air so, what did I murmur to scare the warmth away? I’m … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Letter

I hold your letter with shaking hands. You belong to a different lifetime, one that saw a different piece of the world and a broken heart and a child that no longer exists. You belong to a place that has remained behind a locked door, deadbolt rusty after years of stillness. Silence. I hold your … Continue reading