Finding My Genre

I am nearing the end of another revision to an old WIP, Songs for Ghosts (how many edits can one person do? Answer: many), and it has me thinking about genre. I have struggled for a while with categorizing this novel, for a number of reasons. Before I go into that, I’m going to give … Continue reading

In Which a WIP is Finished

So, it’s been a little while. I know a lot of writers who are able to write daily posts and write 1500 words and design covers for their self published books and market themselves and so on. And at some point, hopefully I will be able to broaden my attention span enough to do all … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Boneyard

And there was a roller coaster. A piece of glass. A long, breathless run. I broke my hands and now they’re useless. I broke the birds and now they won’t fly. I broke everything. I broke everything. If there was any way to explain this, if there was any way to make the words form … Continue reading