Flash Fiction: Dreams of Tyr

When Diana began to dream, all she saw was blood. Blood on her hands, blood splattered across the dirt at her feet. Life blood spilled across the stones like nothing, nothing. When she closed her eyes, all she saw was the god, naked except for splashes of warm gore across his torso. And his eyes, … Continue reading

Dream Journal, or Deciphering the Sinking of an Island

You appeared in my dream again last night. You’ve been doing that a lot lately, it’s so strange. What does it mean? I know that we have gone down separate paths the last few years but for some reason, in the last six months, there you have been. Walking next to me in so many … Continue reading

I’m Important In My Dreams, or, Why I Write

I remember lots of my dreams. Last night, I dreamed that I was a zombie hunter. I had a partner, and together we killed zombies left and right. But then I was bit – and you know what happened? I could still think, could still feel. I’d been killing creatures that still possessed rational thought. … Continue reading