Flash Fiction: The Ghost in the Tide

The tide came in like a breath and you weren’t there. No body drifting like flotsam, no skin prickled and bruise blue, no clothing soaked in sea tears or crusted with salt. Water crawled up the dark sand and kissed my toes but did not bring you home. In the distance I saw green lightning and the ghostly silhouette of a ship that sailed out of time. I knew who steered that ship. I knew it wasn’t you.

The sky darkened into a mockery of night and turned sickly, hateful green. It was warm on the beach but cold in the sky and the winds violently whipped my hair, my clothes, fighting for dominance. I kept looking for you, the icy sea testing my feet with daggers of cold and frigid froth. As if tempting me to leave. As if trying to say that it was not worth it.

That I should leave you.

The tide came in like a breath and you weren’t there. The ghost captain on the horizon laughed and I could hear him over the rising, slapping waves. I made a decision, despite the green sky and the black sea. I would make a deal with him. I would swim to that wretched pirate ship and bargain for your spirit.

One foot in. I sucked in a bladed breath. Down it went, cutting my throat. Two feet in. The water began its assault on my skin, nipping until the blood in my veins brightened. It said, “go back.” It said, “there is nothing for you here. Not in all the deep, watery dark.”

I said, “you are lying.” I said, “It doesn’t matter anyhow.”

I dove into the darkness and searched for your ghost.

2 Responses to “Flash Fiction: The Ghost in the Tide”
  1. Dave says:

    That’s funny. I was just thinking about you yesterday and was wondering why you hadn’t posted any of your wonderful flash fiction lately. This is a dark and moody piece … and I like it 🙂

    • Well this comment just warmed my heart. Thank you. It’s been a crazy and emotional year – I honestly haven’t written much flash fiction at all, which is unusual for me! But maybe this will start the trend again 🙂

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