Flash Fiction Challenge: Space

Thank you to Laura Gabrielle Feasey for for challenging me to write a 400 word piece, inspired by the word Space! It turned into slight stream of consciousness, but I am okay with that.

Here’s mine, I hope you like!

Not In the Way That I Mean

We sit on the roof, cold beers sweating in our palms and small, the smallest space between us and we pretend to talk about the things we need to say but then don’t. Not really. We say, what a strange night that was. We say, that was a difficult time. Don’t you remember? I tell him I’ve been thinking about that time he drove me home at 2 am and I had been drinking and then I was confessing and he pretended that he wasn’t thinking about kissing me and I pretended the same thing and then I went home and yes, we talk about that. We do. But not in the way I mean. Not in the way I want. What I tell you is this: I had a great time dancing, dancing with you. It was super fun, fantastic, awesome, we should do this again sometime but what I mean is this: I had a great time dancing with you in the dark of that room in the heat of that room in the pulse of that room. I had a great time dancing to loud, loud music that forced us not to talk, only move, only breathe, only move the tiniest bit closer, closer closer. I had a great time downing a shot and feeling strangely manic and letting you see all of it, me, my face, my wild, humidity-heightened hair and my mania. These are things I don’t say because we are pretending that this doesn’t matter. That this tiny space between us is an ocean. You have her and I have him and well, we never spoke that night, we only breathed, we only danced, we only forgot and nothing else, nothing else but that was enough. Don’t you see that? I don’t want to be the only one who sees it so I say nothing, I pretend to talk about it but then I don’t. Not really. I say, that was hard but it’s over now. I know it. Or rather, I say it is, and hope to a god I don’t know if I believe in that it isn’t. You take a sip of your beer and you agree with me.
We are such pathetic liars, so. So we sit and we watch while the sun goes down and pulls everything we aren’t saying down into the dark.

6 Responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Space”
  1. Congratulations on being the first blogger ever to answer my challenge! This is a great interpretation, I love how it works as a spill of consciousness, you really get a sense of the person talking. It’s a really unique and subtle way of looking at space too, there is definitely a lot to explore in the space between people, both physically and metaphorically. Great food for thought!

  2. Andy says:

    I think the stream works perfectly for this subject, an outpouring of confused futures. You know which of the futures you want, but are afraid to make it happen. I’ve been there. Very nice.

  3. draliman says:

    Very atmospheric. I can imagine them dancing, caught up in the heat of the moment, and then the two of them in this rather awkward scene afterwards when they realise what they’ve done and it’s easier just to say nothing.
    Great piece!

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