Spring Cleaning

It’s been difficult to post here since my dad died. Not just because he was my biggest fan and usually read my blog. And not just because writing, too, has been particularly hard to contemplate.

Though my life had become hectic since his death with trips back to Colorado and seeing my family, it took a turn for the crazy when I was offered, and accepted, a job as a literary assistant at an agency here in New York. The job itself would not have been so daunting if a.) the agent I work for did not have to leave for the London Book Fair the following week and b.) I did not have to leave the following week. But that’s what happened, and catching up in the month that followed was kind of a nightmare. I was exhausted, crabby, and spiteful for a month straight. I had pretty much decided I was going to become a recluse and live off the grid somewhere perpetually warm and quiet.

madisonsquarepkAnd then, the clouds parted. Things slowed down, I took a breath, started to understand my job, and here I am. I work on the corner of Madison Square Park, just a couple of blocks from the flatiron building, and there are amazing restaurants all around. It took me a little while to realize just how lucky I was, but now that I have, I’m taking advantage. I’ve been writing again as well, though my short fiction has remained a little too personal to put here. Grief inspired a lot of feelings and, honestly, the idea of looking at some of those pieces again nauseates me. Some day I’ll get past that. Today is not that day.

At the very least, I’m finally a paid member of the publishing industry. Sure, I sit low on the pole right now – but that’ll change, and probably sooner than I think.

2 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”
  1. You inspire me so, Hannah. You are always in my thoughts.

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