My NaNoWriMo 2014

I sit down at the computer, coffee at the ready, my right hand man. I open my document, no longer blank, no longer waiting to be told what it is, what it’s going to be. 10,000 words stare back at me, waiting for more. A story is 50,000, 70,000, 90,000 brothers and sisters, Cathedral_of_Santiago_de_Compostelain_gold_inkcrowding the page, making room or hogging too much of it. I turn on my music, something cinematic, something that makes my heart race the way my characters’ hearts are racing, and I begin to type. At some point, I consult my research or my outline or my premise work. At some point, I stop and draw a rudimentary map, imagining the topography of a world that so far has only existed in my mind. This world is dark and haunted, the product of two fallen empires, of opulence and gold, of long, frozen winters and summers that sear the soul. This world is built upon myth but the myths are real, the godin and godinya who watch their children are real, the crone who watches the Underworld is not a crone, but a schemer, a patient, undermined little sister who is so very, very real. And in this world, a fisherman’s adopted son searches for the truth about his parentage, where he comes from, knowing, in his heart of hearts, that his truth is as dark as the world he lives in. In this world, a fisherman’s son helps an exiled zaarinya reclaim her throne and finds that truth along the way, the reality more tangled, knotted, dangerous, than he could have guessed. In this world, a fisherman’s son discovers an ability, a curse, that could save the nation from impending war but cost a price he isn’t sure he’s willing to pay: his life.

Time is running out.

2,000 words down and I shake the haze off, barely remembering that I typed these words, that any of this came from me. I made another pot of coffee at some point, but I can’t recall it. I am shaking from excessive caffeinating.

40,000 words to go.








3 Responses to “My NaNoWriMo 2014”
  1. Dave says:

    Wow … what a build up! I must read this story 🙂 I know that feeling of typing, reaching the end, and having no real memory of all those words coming out. Pretty cool. That’s when some of my best writing usually takes place. Glad to hear you’re doing NaNoWriMo. I am as well. So far, I’m chugging along just fine, and I expect to “win”. I guess November just wouldn’t be November without NaNoWriMo, now would it 🙂 Best of luck on your crazy, caffeinated writing adventure … hope we hear all about it.

    • Heck yes! Although I’m only 15,000 words in…soon, though. Soon 🙂

      Yay for NaNo! I hope you’ll post about what you’re doing/your progress soon! Because you’re right, November just wouldn’t be the same without it 🙂 Best of luck to you too! Can’t wait to hear about it!

      • Dave says:

        Hope to keep up with the NaNo progress on the blog … I tend to get wrapped up in what I’m doing and worrying about getting those words down and before I know, the month is over 🙂

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