In Which I Give Some News

So many wonderful things happening lately< I thought I’d better share!

First, New York is a go. I will be leaving Denver in late July and trying out life in a huge, sprawling city. The last time I lived in city that big I was twelve, and I lived in Toronto with my family for two years. Since then, I’ve ached for a big city.

Since deciding on New York, a couple odd and amazing things have happened to me. Back in March, I applied for several internships with various literary agencies, hoping to be their next reading intern. It’s a remote position, done through email, and it entails reading submitted manuscripts and giving feedback to the agent. the agent I initially applied to found a different intern, but an agent within the same agency liked my application enough to get in touch – and I got the internship. It’s been fun and rewarding, and in only two weeks I feel I’ve learned so much. Not long after that, I received a response to a query I sent back in November about the WIP I just finished a rewrote for, two days beforehand.  A positive response. The first positive response to a query I’ve received.

Something is telling me this is the right direction, that this is where I need to go  So I’m starting a new adventure, and I expect all of you to follow along with me while I discover New York and become the person, and writer, I think I’m meant to be.

Thanks to everyone who  has been following this blog for so long! I’m excited to share this with you!










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