Blog Hiatus, or, Life Happens

Hello all, I know I have been missed…maybe…

Due to some random and life altering changes that have been occurring, I have not remembered to write a damn thing. No posts, no novel, no flash fiction. This has obviously made for a very boring and non-updated blog. But! I am going to try and do better from here on out.

Boyfriend moved to New York yesterday, and it will likely be a permanent thing. So, I am working on getting my life sorted here in Denver so that I can join him out there, hopefully this summer. It is going to be hectic and crazy here for a few months, but ultimately I believe it’s the right thing for both of us. I’d like to apply for some of the editorial assistant jobs I’ve seen posted at various publishers, and continue to try my hand at the whole acting thing. I am expecting a huge culture shock, and I can’t wait.

So I promise I’ll get back to posting soon!



3 Responses to “Blog Hiatus, or, Life Happens”
  1. liliandruve says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Dave says:

    Wow. Very good reasons not be updating your blog 🙂 I’ll be missing your posts and your flash fiction until you get settled in, or at least over the shock of all that’s happening and will be happening.

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