Writing in the New Year

I’m looking forward to 2014. I anticipate a busy year with lots of change, which is a good thing. 2013, for me, felt a little stagnant and stale. Actually, I did a lot more than I give myself credit for, so maybe it was my frame of mind that felt mired in sameness more than anything. Like I was stuck in the past and reluctant to move forward.

The last half of the year, I did try to remedy that. Since July, I have been to LA twice, Austin once, and Idaho (where my parents and sister now live) twice, which means I’ve mastered the security line at the airport. I went to an open casting for Star Wars (because it sounded fun) and auditioned for the Voice (to try and get over some of my nerves and fears). I finished one book and wrote a first draft of another, and I’m pretty sure I wrote more flash fiction this year than in years past (though that could just be wishful thinking).

I participated in two film races and helped make another short film about zombies. I read what I consider some of my favorite books. I went to the Denver International Film Festival by myself and still had a great time.

GeneralRelativityTheoryManuscriptSo, all in all, not actually bad. I did a lot of little things that will, hopefully, give me the courage to do the bigger things in 2014. Like actually finish my basement. Or make preparations to move to a new state. I’d like to finish more than one book and get the drafts from this year edited. I’d like to have more in my pocket than a few half edited manuscripts and unfinished screenplays.

This means my goals for writing in 2014 include:

*Editing my current drafts

*Writing two new first drafts (one idea is already in the works).

*Begin writing a screenplay and hopefully finish.

*Stay excited about writing! As much as I want to do, it would be so easy to get bored or drift. So I’m going to remind myself that I’m doing this for me, and that even though it can be painful sometimes, or difficult, it’s what I love and it excites me.

It feels like a lot, but I trust myself more these days. So I’m going to trust myself to do it.

Here’s to a productive and 2014!







2 Responses to “Writing in the New Year”
  1. Dave says:

    Wow, Hannah. What a great year you had, indeed. On so many levels. You should be very proud. I have no doubt that your 2014 is going to be great. Looking forward to hearing all about your journey throughout the year.

    • I had no idea how much I got done until I started writing this post! But you’re right, it ended up being a good one after all. I’m sure 2014 will be good too – for both of us!

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