Flash Fiction: Hitchhiker

He was slouched and slender, with wild blond curls down to his shoulders. He was as beautiful as any woman I had ever met, and from the darkness beneath the eyes I could see that it had served him poorly. I had never been tempted to pick up hitchhikers before, but something in the way … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: The Nightmare Garden

There is a garden behind Maria Terreur’s house. Sometimes you can see it from the street, but most days it hides where prying eyes won’t see. It all depends on if the garden wants to be found that day. If the garden is feeling like it can face the world. There are roses in the … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Neon

I moved from a city that was always dark after ten o’clock, the stars still able to peek through the smog, to shine a little light here and there. Here, I find myself doused, soaked, slick with neon, even when I’ve thought I washed it away, down, down the drain. I’m getting used to the … Continue reading