Flash Fiction: Star

Another Non-Flash-Fiction Flash Fiction. Don’t know where to put these, so here they go!

Yesterday I was a star. Bright, shining, burning, burning, burning. I wasn’t supposed to be done so soon, but I was needed and so I fell, far, far down, a very long ways, and here I am. This morning I was an infant girl, carried down on the rain and born in a field. I walked away at three years old hours later, because I had some catching up to do, and tonight I will be sixteen.

black holeThat’s the way of stars. After we become human. You age until you don’t, and then thousands of years go by and suddenly you are old, suddenly you are ninety five, and then it is your time and you stop burning. You stop churning passion into the universe and you simply cease. If we were still stars in the darkness, some of us would fold into ourselves and become black holes, sucking up everything around. Sometimes it is less scary to be darker than darkness, so empty you can never be filled, than it is to be nothing at all.

But that will not be my fate, it seems. I have been tasked with something important on a tiny planet in a miniscule solar system.  Of course, I did not get the itinerary before making the trip. Because that would be too easy, of course. Stars don’t think of such things – indeed it never occurred to me before. Only now am I frustrated because my brain also thinks as a human brain does, and for the life of me I can’t remember how I’m supposed to find what I’m looking for. I shall have to remember how to be a star, if I’m ever to figure it out.

I’m sitting on a park bench now. I spent the morning at the police station, while the police tried to figure out who my parents were. It was no use explaining it to them, that I knew. So I pretended to be mute and stared with large eyes, until they turned their backs and I grew up a little more. When they turned around they asked me where the girl who had been sitting in my place went. I told them I wasn’t exactly sure – she just stood up and toddled away and I didn’t think to follow.

I said farewell, I’m here with my mother and was only looking for a place to sit, so good bye. They looked confused but didn’t stop me, because they were only human after all, and humans have no concept of what had just happened to me.

It was cold outside and my clothes were no longer adequate for my age, so at the homeless shelter I scavenged an over sized pair of trousers and a thick jumper that would still fit me until I was at least fourteen. I had a feeling I’d be a scrawny teenager, malnourished. I’d been starving all day, and so they fed me at the shelter. It was the first human meal I ate, and I think I shall always treasure it as the best.

A kind, stout woman with red hair bought me a scone and a cup of coffee, though I have to confess I cannot quite understand why humans drink the stuff. It was strong and dirty with a bitter aftertaste, and I would not try it again. I poured it out on the ground next to me, hoping I was not killing anything in doing so.

And so here I sit. It has been quite a full day but it isn’t over, not until the earth rotates just enough that the stars become visible in the night sky. If I am very, very lucky, there will be a message, twinkling just for me in the heavens. I cannot think what else to do.

So I wait.

And as soon as I see it, I cannot contain my joy. I laugh out loud. I appear to be insane to those walking past me. I don’t have the capacity to care, not yet. I know that will come with age.

The message is this: There is a man walking the earth who is not meant to be here.

And that is all. That’s it. The whole message, the entire missive laid out for me in the pattern of the stars. There is a man who is not supposed to be here.

I sigh. Because I don’t need more information, not really. They don’t have to give me any other explanation. We watch the Earth just as we watch all of the planets, all of those we can see, and there is simply something wrong with this one.

There is a man walking the earth who is not meant to be here.

And I’m going to find him.

2 Responses to “Flash Fiction: Star”
  1. Dave says:

    Sweet. I love space and black holes, and you wove them together into a nifty little piece of flash fiction. Loved the last several paragraphs, and this line in particular:

    “The message is this: There is a man walking the earth who is not meant to be here.”

    That one line made my imagination jump into high gear. I didn’t see it coming, and now I’m trying to figure it all out. Awesome. While you could always elaborate and explain who the man was, leaving it this way felt natural, if not frustrating 🙂

    Curious … while you were writing this, did you have any ideas about who the man might be? Or was it just some vague notion in the back of your mind?

    Thanks again for a great story.

    • Haha, I had a few ideas, and maybe some day I’ll write them 🙂 But for now, I agree, it felt natural to leave it this way. If not frustrating!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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