Flash Fiction: The Wall

And so there they were, feet sinking ever so slightly into the wet sand. Two minutes, maybe less, and for the first time they could think of nothing to say. Universes in their past, tattooed into their skin, every star sown into the fabric of their lives and yet here, now, there was nothing to say. Sand in the grooves of their boots, so they shifted. Shifted to keep from sinking.

Tears in her eyes, now finally, of course. She always could cry, though she hid it well, swallowed it whole, buried it in her lungs and never released it. There could be no touch, not now, not ever again. There had not been enough time for it, before, and it suddenly occurred, to both of them, that they’d missed their chance, that they’d lost any opportunity. Gone, before they’d even had a chance to mourn it. A wall between them now, invisible yes, but solid. Solid as rock, as the earth, as time.

woman on beachSo many days, months, years. Together, together, they were one and the same and had not known it until the day that they did, and then they were lost. A loss, and a loss, and a loss, a thousand times over and that’s exactly how long they’d remember it.  And she cried now, finally, of course. And they looked at one another, and he said her name, had only enough time to say her name.

She stood there alone for a very long, sinking slowly, lazily, into the earth.

One Response to “Flash Fiction: The Wall”
  1. Dave says:

    Very nice, Hannah. Really enjoyed this …

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