Flash Fiction: Earl Gray

I sip Earl Gray tea at a table in the corner. It is dim and mysterious in my corner, exactly how I like it when seeing someone more attractive than I. Daylight is so unforgiving. I want to be mistaken for beautiful, even though my self consciousness will get the better of me once I leave. I’m hoping that my sparkling personality will distract from the wild mess of hair that crowns my head. I don’t really know how to use a blow dryer, and I’ve never had the patience to learn. I let the summer humidity take over and create gravity defying curls. I’m fairly certain they are getting bigger, even as I sit here underneath a stream of cold air.

The tea is too hot but I drink it anyway. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment or something. I have no taste buds left. The Earl Gray mostly just smacks of hot leaf water and my tongue can’t detect any nuances of flavor. I hope he doesn’t want to kiss me. Is that right? No. I hope he wants to kiss me, but that he refrains until my taste buds are no longer burned. Hopefully resisting him will make him more intrigued. Or something.

When I look down, I realize that my skirt is wrinkled. Truly, ridiculously wrinkled. When was the last time I ironed this thing? Do I even own an iron? It’s entirely possible I gave that piece of shit to Good Will. I’ll have to dig out my straightening iron when I get home.

Two more scalding cups of tea later I decide to leave. There is no reason to invest time in someone who obviously does not intend to invest time in me. So much for the dim light of the coffee shop. So much for being mistaken for beautiful.

The sun is bright and the wind is hot and my first instinct is to complain. I can feel my hair rising. A friend tells me often that he doesn’t like to complain – there are other people in the world who have it worse than me. And that makes me want to slap him. Mostly because he’s right. So I keep my mouth shut and I keep walking, walking, walking home.

9 Responses to “Flash Fiction: Earl Gray”
  1. hursleb says:

    Reblogged this on hustleb and commented:
    A flower is a flower, beautiful as ever, even when not a rose! Its good to admire people-it shows a good sense of art, life, beauty and yourself

  2. Tracey says:

    This is very different from your others. I like it! Having a slightly more defined MC is cool.

  3. ” I hope he wants to kiss me, but that he refrains until my taste buds are no longer burned.”

    <-I love this line.

    This is a nice slice of life piece.

    Reading these pieces you post every day is making me want to do the same. Thanks 🙂

  4. this was wonderful and filling. i know what you mean about tasteless earl gray — i mean really: if we’re going to burn our tongue, it better taste good. i just found you via “flash fiction” – i love what you wrote about the skirt; no need to announce the change in scenery, just do it.

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