The 100 Hour Film Race and the Top Twenty

Back in December, I participated with a group of friends in a film competition called the 100 Hour Film race. We called ourselves the Pixelsmyth Workshop, a production company/ freelance network that is currently in the works.

The gist of the race is, you have to make a film in 100 hours. You are given certain parameters to work within so that there can be no cheating – no submission of a film you made years ago.

Each group was told they had to have a carrot as a prop, the action of locking something, and a theme of Detachment. Knowing this, we set to work. We argued and argued over a story line – we wanted it to be simple and easily filmed. We agreed that there would be enough bunnies and obvious carrot plots, so we tried to create something different. Subtle, but still fulfilling the criteria.

We submitted our film, and we waited. A week ago, the Film Race posted the top twenty films, out of all the films submitted internationally – and “Intersection” by Pixelsmyth Workshop was on that list.

Yesterday, they posted all the top twenty films online and you can now vote on your favorites! There are some cash prizes, but also an audience choice award, and that is where your vote counts!

Please go watch Intersection and if you feel we’re worth it, please click the VOTE button at the bottom of the page and help me and my team!

Click here to VOTE:

Watch the film below:

4 Responses to “The 100 Hour Film Race and the Top Twenty”
  1. Dave says:

    All right, Hannah! Wonderful film and I enjoyed watching it. I thought your group captured the essence of the story in a unique way and it was truly entertaining. Oh, and it was, I admit, fun to see you in your starring role πŸ™‚ Great job. You guys have my vote!

  2. Tracey says:

    So awesome! Hannah, you played your part so well! Me = blown away!

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