Flash Fiction/Story Opening: Crossroads

This is not, actually, flash fiction, but since most of the fiction I post on here is under that umbrella, I thought I’d stick it in there. This is the opening to a story I’ve been toying with for a while. I’m working on Songs For Ghosts right now, so writing the opening to this was mostly  just to get it out of my head.  But I’m curious to hear what you think, and so decided to post! Enjoy 🙂

What he conjured at the crossroads with his blood and drunken summons was not, in fact, the Devil. As he would learn later, it was far worse. The Devil of his knowing dealt in souls and contracts, in eternities and hell fire, which, to be fair, did not sound like a picnic. But the being before him, the being he summoned from only the gods knew where, was intensely beautiful, and older than Lucifer. The being he had summoned dealt in blood and torture and transformation, the gut-wrenching and unpreventable shifting of shape. She was unsympathetic and did not care for excuses. Deals could be made with the Devil. This creature took what was owed her and gave only the most fickle of offerings in return.


But Hunter didn’t care. The empty bottle of cheap bourbon slipped from his hand and shattered and he waited for something to come. There were answers here, he could feel it. And a possibility, however small, that maybe Jeremy had not died for nothing. And he was foolish, so. So he stayed. So he waited.

There is a little bit more but this seemed a more appropriate place to end. What do you think? Have you ever written the opening to a story just to get it out of your head?

2 Responses to “Flash Fiction/Story Opening: Crossroads”
  1. Dave says:

    Wow. Nice intro, Hannah. I loved it. You absolutely must finish this 🙂

    So is this typical of what you write (aside from, say, your typical flash fiction)? I noticed tags such as these: demons, devil, paranormal, supernatural. Stories about these kinds of things are what I tend to write (dark fiction/horror, I guess, is what you could call it?)

    And where is this short story/novella/novel entitled Songs for Ghosts (great title, btw)?

    • Haha, well then perhaps I will! My writing does tend to be darker, usually with a slightly supernatural premise. And Songs for Ghosts is a novel I’m working on now – 45,000 words in, so I’m getting there. Trust me, you’ll know when I’m done 🙂

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