Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry: Smile

I realized this morning that I haven’t posted in weeks! I’ve been busy with film shoots and randoms, so it just kind of ran away from me.

This is a fiction/poetry hybrid I wrote a while back. I remembered having written it after my shoot last weekend, which deals with similar themes. Hope you like!

The view is incredible from here. We are high, so high up, I almost believe I can see the curve of the earth where a straight horizon line usually sits, separating the sinking sun from the city with a thin layer of smog. And it’s only as I arrive at the top, it’s only once I’m standing with you at the very highest point, battered by wind and sadness and something too deep to name that I realize I am supposed to be here. Your hand clasps mine so tightly I think it might break, the wind having turned it into fragile ice. But you will not let me go and I will not let you go and we’ll stand here for however long it takes the world to go dark.

And even though it was just a few city blocks in the frigid winter, even though point A was such a stupidly short distance to point B, I wonder why I didn’t get here sooner. It feels as though you’ve been waiting lifetimes for me, and I have, in turn, taken my sweet, slow time. But my whole life, this is where I was heading. It just took me forever to get here.

You look out to the city and I do the same, entranced by the sun setting across the skyscrapers, across busy streets, across rooftop gardens and warehouses. I am entranced by the crispness of the wind and the way you seem to have retained your warmth, even though mine left me years ago. And I am entranced by how calm we both seem to be, despite where we are, and what we have just done.

And when I look up you are smiling. That, that in itself is enough, is enough, is enough. I don’t believe I have ever seen you smile.

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