Musicals, Rewrites, Hipsters, Oh My!

As some of you may know, I have been heavily involved in bringing a movie musical to life. It has kind of made thinking about other projects difficult (though I continue to plug along). When I say heavily involved I mean…I’m singing, acting, and rehearsing. Often. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m thinking about them. Honestly, the musical has kind of consumed my life. We just finished fundraising on Kickstarter (successfully, I might add) and we are now looking directly into the mouth of our first weekend of filming. If you are interested, check out our Facebook Page!

I have lines to memorize, I have dances to learn, and I have scenes to rehearse. Oh, and I still have a book to rewrite! I still have a script to outline! But don’t you worry. Gold Valley is coming along in rewrites quite nicely. It’s slow going (when you’re thinking about a musical, it isn’t easy to switch back into Post Apocalyptic Zombie Western mode. Is that a mode?), but I have people reading it constantly and giving much needed feedback. The writing is cleaner, the descriptions more interesting, the character dynamics more fleshed out. All in all, it’s shaping up to be an actual novel! Now whodathunkit?

So if you aren’t hearing from me on as regular a basis as you are accustomed to, have no fear. I will continue updating about the musical, about Gold Valley, and all things that are currently consuming this writer/actor’s life!

What about you? Do you have a busy summer ahead?

3 Responses to “Musicals, Rewrites, Hipsters, Oh My!”
  1. Dave says:

    Wow, do I feel like such a slacker. My summer consists of finishing my book and surviving the heat. How do you manage to do all that stuff?

    • It hasn’t been easy! I’m trying to maintain my full time job in the middle of all of it. Trust me, I am sure I will be more than a little insane by the end of the summer!

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