Why Am I Always Running From Zombies?

I’ve been having zombie movie dreams lately. And I don’t mean one here or there; I mean, every other night there is a new film playing out in my head, and I am almost always part of a rag tag group of people fighting for their lives in the zombie apocalypse. Last week, I was a super skilled fighter killing zombies in a night gown. In that same dream, zombie bugs finally won out, despite what seemed like the end of the zombie onslaught. Over the next few nights I found myself fighting zombies in a number of situations – as part of a ragtag group holed up in an apartment building, part of a group stuck in a small mountain town, part of a freedom fighter group trying to expose a government plot to turn us all into zombies….the ridiculous list goes on. Last night I was part of, you guessed it, a ragtag group of people fighting zombies inside an art museum. These particular zombies only came out during the night, so we slept during the day and fought them after dark. At some point I remember discovering a man’s secret hideout, complete with bed and mini fridge. There was a priceless diamond involved in the mess somehow, but I can’t for the life of me remember.

I have always had very cinematic dreams. Some of them even seem to be structured like a three act film. But the question I’m having lately  is, why zombies? Even before all the bath salts incidents started hitting the news, I was dreaming about zombies. I was even working on the set of a zombie web series. We are, as a culture, quite obsessed at the moment. I love zombie stories, so I’m not complaining. But it does make one curious.

What about you? Have you been noticing the onslaught of zombie related media lately? What do you think about the craze?

9 Responses to “Why Am I Always Running From Zombies?”
  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, zombies do seem to be popular these days. Done well, zombies are frightening. Done poorly, zombies are pretty much a joke. I guess you could say I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Recently I watched the first season of “The Walking Dead” and really liked it. I plan on watching more of the series when it’s available on netflix instant watch.

    • I really liked the first season too, and I have the same plan. The web series I worked on was very Walking Dead-esque, so that was a lot of fun. I think it was contributing to my dreams too.

      • Dave says:

        I imagine it might have. Is the web series available for viewing anywhere?

      • Not yet – we shot the pilot episode to shop around and hopefully someone will give us money to finish it! So until then, it probably won’t be circulating the web. 😦

      • Dave says:

        Speaking of the Walking Dead, did you happen to catch the season 2 marathon on AMC in July? Very good stuff …

      • Actually, no! I don’t have a television so I miss all the good stuff 😦 I have to wait for it to be available in some other form.

      • Dave says:

        Well, in this case, that’s too bad. Overall, though, you’re probably much better off not having a TV. If you’re not careful, they tend to suck away your time from creative activities 🙂

  2. lewww says:

    Weirdly enough, I’ve had a number of zombie dreams in the past. Like you, I was somehow able to fight them!

    Maybe it’s symbolic, who knows 🙂

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