The Revision of an Old Story

Well, if I’ve been missing in action for a little while, at least it’s because I’m writing. I finally set a deadline for myself with Gold Valley – the newest rewrite must be finished by June 14th so that I can begin writing a script I’ve been slacking on for several months. It’s a collaboration as well, which makes it all the more important that Gold Valley is finished and the new script begun. I hate to keep people waiting and I don’t want their interest or trust in me to wane completely.

I like the way Gold Valley is going,  finally. With the last two rewrites it kind of just felt like I was running in place, and the story was always good but not great, long but not long enough, well written but not written well enough. At this point, I’m copying and pasting small chunks and editing piece by piece, rather than going through the whole book. This is allowing me to add scenes I decided to add after some reader notes and also to change the character dynamics just a bit to suit the story better. I’ve never done a rewrite this way before, and I feel like it’s extremely beneficial.

So there you are – that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully there will be more flash fiction soon. I’m realizing that those seem to be my more popular posts, and I understand why. I love writing flash fiction and I hope it shows!  At the very least, there sh0uld be more posts from me, regardless.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

2 Responses to “The Revision of an Old Story”
  1. ahamin says:

    Rewriting is my favorite part of writing… the process where you are the reader, you get to notice what sounds good, what should be added… it even stimulate your brain to getting new ideas for it or even for a sequel… you are polishing the rough edges of your creation… 🙂

    Enjoy your rewrite… and best of luck for you and your work 🙂

    • Oh I definitely agree about it stimulating your creativity! I am starting to get new ideas for continuing the story, possibly in a sequel or something of the sort. It’s definitely a lot of fun! Thanks for reading 🙂

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