Joss Whedon Avenged

It’s about time. I have been watching Joss Whedon shows for years – if you know anything about me, you know that he is my idol.  I love everything he creates. The man and Buffy Summers basically raised me. Firefly was a revelation, and I was a Dollhouse fan even when others couldn’t quite get into it. I have watched Joss try for years to get his ideas off the ground, only to have doors slammed in his face.

Never again. With the success of the Avengers ($207 million in the first weekend!), Joss should never have to worry about the word “No” again. And rightfully so – the Avengers has maintained great ratings from fans and, though there are many cynical critics who really seem to be upset by the success, the overall opinion of the film is a high one.

If you didn’t know, when Joss was asked to direct, there was already a script in place. A script that he took one look at and knew immediately that it had to be rewritten. It was a bold move that paid off – the characters were true and real, with conflict and their own comedic and heartbreaking moments. Joss’s Bruce Banner/Hulk was more spot on than any of the films that came before it. The snarkiness of Tony Stark was the best it has ever been.

I have read several reviews that say the film slowed in the middle and even verged on boring – I think so many people have forgotten that things blowing up is not plot. In comics, the thing we love about these characters is that they are true characters – they have flaws, they have quirks, and some have egos. Getting all of these emotionally damaged people in the same room would create conflict. And instead of ignoring that fact, Joss creates some really good tension in the middle with it.

Now, I will be the first to admit there were flaws with the film. But the point remains that Joss was the best man for the job, and someone finally saw that. And as a die hard Whedonite, I cannot wait to see what these new opportunities bring for him.

Edit: Here is an awesome open letter from Joss Whedon to his die hard fans in the aftermath of the Avengers.

Have you seen the Avengers? What did you think?

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