National Poetry Month: The Supermarket

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a more traditional poem for your enjoyment!

The Supermarket

And though there is nothing left of you
I still think I see you in the supermarket
when I am gripping the ripened peppers
and frowning at the half rotted tomatoes
when I am trying to be different

You approach me stealthily, a feline
indifferent, independent, insolent (breakable)
I turn and decide I will smile, except that
you are a breeze, you’re there and not there
confusing me, making me forget

that I am buying cucumbers
and that I am trying to start anew
in the produce section of the supermarket
trying to eat better, be greener, live smarter
since I forgot to do that with you around.

Since I forgot to be me with you around
and I forgot to revel in the cottony summer
and I forgot to love my wrists and my toes
I sank a little deeper into you and
your spirit opened wide to accommodate me.

But I must shake off the recollection, the
strand of memory that you left clinging
to my shoulder, and I have to retrieve the cart
and turn down a different aisle because.
because even though you’re gone

you still manage to find me,
and I forget to forget you
I go home with you buzzing in my ears
and I promise that tomorrow I will push you out
and perhaps, finally, you will really be gone.

Or maybe, possibly (hopefully)
you will find me again in the market and
I will put down the apple I am clutching
I will stand very still. Close my eyes, breathe
and feel for your ghost.

6 Responses to “National Poetry Month: The Supermarket”
  1. susielindau says:

    Awesome and love your photos!

  2. Dave says:

    Wonderful poem, Hannah. There were a couple of words in the first half that sort of drew me out of the moment, but the second half was great. Thanks for sharing it with us. I loved it.

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