Prose Poetry: The Woods

I am done. I have to be done now. I can still feel the cold, twig-laden dirt of the campground pressed against my back, the scores in my skin hold the memory captive. I think I remember dreaming as I lay there in the dark, alone and un-alone. There was a fire, and I am … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Beast

It was the hardest choice, and yet, one could argue, there truly was no choice at all. Not for her, not now. The choice had been made for her, years ago, and it was a good choice, and she was grateful for it. And yet. And yet here was a problem, the problem. The only … Continue reading

Velvet Goldmine, or the End of Glam Rock

I’m surprised I’ve never seen this film before last night. Given the A List cast and the themes, I’m shocked I never stumbled upon it before this. But Velvet Goldmine is now Watch Instantly on Netflix, so that is exactly what I did. I had no idea what to expect, really. But a ridiculously young … Continue reading

Flash Prose Poetry: Flesh

There is a sound. There is a sound, and a beating heart, and a shaking hand. Your goose pimpled flesh makes you look small despite your size, young despite your maturity. Why are you so cold? What did I say to cool the air so, what did I murmur to scare the warmth away? I’m … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Wishing Well

And I am at the point where everything has turned upside down and now it is the tips of my hair grazing the stones, not my feet at all. There is a wishing well some distance from here but I don’t think it works because I’ve wished and wished for someone to just tell me, … Continue reading