Christmas is Over – Now What?

Christmas is over, which  means the New Year is fast approaching – and thank god.

This year has been rife with some ups and many, many downs. I had so many ideas that I could not follow through on, so many goals I set that I did not achieve. But really that isn’t the worst part, because those things I can live with. I’m a person, not a robot, and we get distracted. We live our lives.

The worst parts were the parts that I can’t really talk about here, but they were the reasons that I abandoned my blog for weeks at a time, the reasons that my Twitter has been dead and my social life has been, well, less than spectacular. The last month has had me holed up in my room, afraid to come out. I’ve hinted in past posts but I’m not really at liberty to give more than that. Just know that these things have made this year, well, less than stellar.

Now, good things definitely did happen. I got out of a living situation that was literally killing my spirit and I bought my own house. I flippin’ own property! Now if that isn’t pretty great, I don’t know what is. There’s so much opportunity in this little house.

I started acting more, which has definitely contributed to the writing less. But I say, if one makes me do less of the other, than fine, because they’re both passions. If it was say, the new xbox I just bought that was distracting me, it’d be a different story….

But Christmas is over. Which means the New Year is coming, and, with that, millions of possibilities, millions of ways for things to go right this year. I’m anticipating good things because I suck at the negativity thing. It’s hard on me and I’m much happier when I expect good things out of life and people.

So here goes. I’m spending the next week shooing the negativity from my life and getting ready to bring in a whole lotta good.

4 Responses to “Christmas is Over – Now What?”
  1. charlie sierra says:

    It seems as people become emotionally drained at the end of a year as well adding to whatever stress that occurs to us all. May you have a prosperous 2012 pal!

  2. Nathan Hart says:

    I’m glad the house is treating you well! That house opened up alot of opportunity for me as well.

  3. Nathan Hart says:

    The last unit on your north side has a newer finished basement with a rec room and a bathroom. Although there is no bedroom, it is nicely finished; you should take a look at it before you do yours if you get a chance.

    I would love to see what you did with your eating area, can you post a pic?

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