Christmas is Over – Now What?

Christmas is over, which  means the New Year is fast approaching – and thank god. This year has been rife with some ups and many, many downs. I had so many ideas that I could not follow through on, so many goals I set that I did not achieve. But really that isn’t the worst … Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Liar

She didn’t think she would actually end up here. Especially not in the middle of March, not because she had nowhere to go. After all was said and done, after all the accusations and the denials and the expensive dishes thrown against walls like nothing, nothing. She didn’t think that she would have the guts … Continue reading

Lost in La La Land

I’ve been floating around in La La land, lately. The Boyfriend has been out of town for the last two weeks, I’ve been zoning out of narrative fiction and into the world of film again (as I do several times a year), and I’ve been reevaluating my life and my goals. I realize that New … Continue reading