Flash Fiction / Prose Poetry: The Man (and the Desert)

And there was a man. And there was a heart murmur, and a tumbleweed and some other things. And we passed the abandoned train tracks on our way to the end of the line, tracks scattered with rusted coal cars. Coal cars ransacked and graffiti-ed and completely lost to the shepherd that used to look … Continue reading

Spam Awards: In Which I Am Accused of Not Being Authentic

Oddly enough, this bit of spam was left on my last Spam Awards Post: “I considered that some of this stuff could have been duplicated from elsewhere, it’s scattered across the net and various peoples websites, unless you’re the content’s creator?” Is he seriously accusing me of not creating my own content? Well, I mean, … Continue reading

Been A While

It’s been a while, WordPress and friends. I have been busy with general life things – perhaps that’s not an excuse, but I’m still trying to get better with updating my blog despite having so many other things going on. I know lots of bloggers do it, so what is stopping me? To give a … Continue reading