Sweet, Sweet September Respite

I am going on VACATION in September. Now, I’m a grown lady, to be sure. But I have never been on vacation without my family. Oh, I’ve spent weekends in the mountains with friends and I’ve gone on short trips to California for conferences and the like, but never a week long thing without the Boyfriend or Mom and Pop. A big part of this is the fact that I cannot afford it.

It was a spur of the moment plan, a random decision based on the horrible month I’m having. I can’t write (thought I’m trying). I can’t find a house (though I’m trying). And I’m bored to tears. I need a change of scenery. Where am I going?

San Francisco. Now, before you scoff and say “that’s not a vacation” or “you aren’t even leaving the country”, hear me out. We (the bestie and I) will be hopping on the Amtrak in Denver and taking the train through the mountains to Emeryville, California. I have always, always wanted to take the train. Every time we drive through Glenwood Springs and see the train chugging along through canyon by the river I am filled with an envy for the people on that train. I want to see the world from that point of view.  San Francisco was chosen based on this fact alone.

If you’re curious about Amtrak and where it goes, you can find information on routes and schedules here.

Look into it. You might be surprised by your own desire to go on a train adventure.

What about you? Do you have any breaks or vacations planned soon? Where are you going?

One Response to “Sweet, Sweet September Respite”
  1. Jennifer Na says:

    San Francisco is such a wonderful city. ❤

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