What a Week, What a Week

What a week I’ve had! It’s been storming every night here in Denver, a very unusual occurrence for mid-July in Colorado. And not only has there been rain and flooding, but electrical storms, and lots of them. Not just spurts of lightning – I turned out my lights last night and just watched as the sky lit up continually for about a half an hour. It was scary and mesmerizing, especially considering that I am by myself for the next weeks because Boyfriend is in Massachusetts for business.

Also, I had no phone from Friday until late last night because someone decided to see fit to steal my three year old cracked blackberry. Here I was in this electrical storm, all the lights off, thunder growling overhead, trying to activate this new phone in the event that if I’m struck by lightning, I can call someone and tell them I’m dead. Or at least, someone can call my phone and know something is wrong by the way I don’t answer. Also, the neighbor’s tree is on our house because it was struck by lightning last week. So, needless to say, I was more nervous than usual.

Lastly, the house hunt has been in a standstill. Nothing new has come into the market – at least nothing I’ve wanted to see. And very little writing has gotten done because I can’t stop thinking about houses. I’m trying, and at least writing down ideas and keeping the creative stuff flowing through outlines and flash fiction. But since I crashed and burned during ScriptFrenzy, I haven’t had any new ideas. I wrote 40,000 words in that old WIP, true, but since then, I’ve stalled out. Hoping that the book ideas come back soon.

So, what did I tell you? It’s been a crazy week. I find that there’s a month out of every year where things just don’t seem to go quite right. I’m finding that month this year to be July. The last few years it was February.

How bout you? Do you have an annual cursed month?

2 Responses to “What a Week, What a Week”
  1. Maggie says:

    I’ll take some of the storms… it’s up to over 100 degrees without a drop of rain where I live.

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