Someone Needs to Explain.

Seriously. Whoever you are, you need to come forward. Because I have to be frank – logging into WordPress and finding that the top search for this week on my blog is http/lesbian//teens//babe//, is a bit embarrassing. For both of us now.

Because how the hell do you find my blog by searching http/lesbian//teens//babe// I don’t talk about frenzy sex. Or teen babes. I talk about lesbians one time in 2009 and suddenly my blog is the haven for lesbianteensbabefrenzysex?

I feel like I’ve been pigeonholed.

10 Responses to “Someone Needs to Explain.”
  1. Mr. William Leiren says:

    Ah. Just talked to Amber, my teen lesbian niece (and frequent frenzy sex participant). She and her friends REALLY like your blog.

  2. And you do realize that after this post you’ll get a tsunami of people looking for frenzied teen lesbian sex? You are dooooomed.

  3. kruitvat says:

    Write to WordPress.

  4. ROFLOL. You might have to start setting up a Search Term Bingo like Chuck Wendig. He gets some seriously strange ones.

  5. LOL. I guess I should have also put “not to read at work or in front of kids who can read” Sorry!

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