The Most Positive, Pep Talkingist Spam Ever!

If you’ve read my previous posts about Spam, then you know I appreciate a good spammer when I see one.  Some crazy spammers just get the delete button – others get their very own post, honoring their efforts.

My last post talked about some odd (somewhat sexual) spam that flooded my junk folder a few weeks ago. It didn’t make a lot of sense, wasn’t selling anything, and was just, in general, strange.

Well, this morning I was hit by the Pep Talking Spammer. 16 messages in all, littered across my blog, hiding in places it didn’t think I’d find it, like the What and the Who pages I have neglected to update. The Spammer said wonderfully kind things like, “This post makes mine look feblee! Great work!” and “Now I nkow who the brainy one is! Ill keep looking for your posts!”

The Pep Talking Spammer even tried to comment on other blogger’s comments, as if in making it look like the spam was left in conversation, it might be approved. On one post, the Spammer replied to a fellow blogger’s comment about how fun movies are with, “You should come up with that!”

What a great guy! Really made me want to approve his/her/its comments. But alas, after the blinding light of positivity faded I remembered that it was all just a ploy to get myself and others to click on links that take you to website that will tell you how to increase your traffic for only $20 a month!

I like the “delete” button.

3 Responses to “The Most Positive, Pep Talkingist Spam Ever!”
  1. Once again, your spam completely outdoes mine in terms of curiosity and interest. You must be some fabulous spam magnet– I wonder what the magic word was to earn you such attention? I’m thinking maybe I should pay the $20 and see what happens. (Thanks for the post! It was fun!)

    • I dunno what it is – most times there’s nothing, and then I’ll get a huge spam wave. I’ve only just started getting spam like this, and if I knew the secret, I would tell you!

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  1. […] it the Spam Awards, and will post any crazy spam I receive under that title. So far, I’ve had Pep Talking Spam and just all around Weird Spam and other random spammy […]

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