Writing, Editing, and Housing

Lately, it’s been difficult to do the writing related things that I want to do. I have editing Gold Valley on the brain, and new projects are already swirling around. I’m taking a break from the Untitled August Project and focusing on other more pressing matters – like house buying.

I’m learning that it can, if let it, be a horribly frustrating process. It’s fun, sure, and going to see houses is always a blast. But after my last contract fell through due to undisclosed structural issues on the seller’s part, the whole thing has just gotten tiring. I looked at 8 houses on Saturday – yes, 8 houses. Out of 8 properties, I liked two. Of the other 6, one had been broken into and the fridge and stoveĀ  stolen. One of them backed up to a parking lot. One of them was described as renovated and most certainly was not. One of them we weren’t allowed into because I’m pretty sure the tenant was smoking crack.

So I’m going to try and focus on other things – editing! Writing! Work! No wait, not the last one. Ice cream! Yes. I’m going to get Gold Valley edited and sent off to my readers for their edits. I’m going to reevaluate Songs for Ghosts and see if I can’t force myself to write it again after my failed Script Frenzy attempt. And I’m going to just calm down about the house stuff and try to remember that the right one will come along.



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