Someone Needs to Explain.

Seriously. Whoever you are, you need to come forward. Because I have to be frank – logging into WordPress and finding that the top search for this week on my blog is http/lesbian//teens//babe//, is a bit embarrassing. For both of us now. Because how the hell do you find my blog by searching http/lesbian//teens//babe// I … Continue reading

Writing a Query is Harder Than Writing the Actual Book

And yes. I think this is true. When writing a book, (mostly) the words just come out. You have the immensely enjoyable task of moving the pieces around on the board, of telling them what their next move is, what their next decision will be. Telling the story is an amazing ride and, regardless of … Continue reading

In Which A WIP is Printed

Just printed. Not published, not picked up by an agent or anything like that. Printed in that, I went to Kinko’s and paid them to print it for me so that I can now have people read it, and tell me what they think. It’s sitting on my table right now, all 275 pages of … Continue reading

The Most Positive, Pep Talkingist Spam Ever!

If you’ve read my previous posts about Spam, then you know I appreciate a good spammer when I see one.  Some crazy spammers just get the delete button – others get their very own post, honoring their efforts. My last post talked about some odd (somewhat sexual) spam that flooded my junk folder a few … Continue reading

Writing, Editing, and Housing

Lately, it’s been difficult to do the writing related things that I want to do. I have editing Gold Valley on the brain, and new projects are already swirling around. I’m taking a break from the Untitled August Project and focusing on other more pressing matters – like house buying. I’m learning that it can, … Continue reading

Be Vewy Quiet – I’m Hunting Houses

This whole buying a house thing is hard. I had one under contract just last week. Went to the inspection on Tuesday, found some pretty major structure issues, and backed out. Here it is, Thursday, and I am now back to square one. I’m beginning to wonder if I should just give up and go … Continue reading

In Which I Write a Movie

It’s a short movie. 3 pages, really. But a friend came into town this week and had an idea, only a few days to shoot it, and a will to get it made. So we’re doing it. It’s interesting the way collaboration goes with people you’ve never worked with before. I had a bit of … Continue reading

Yay For Blog Awards! (Of the Irresistibly Sweet Variety)

Thank you so much to Maggie from Maggie Madly Writing, a fellow blogging writer, for this lovely award! I don’t normally get awards…maybe this’ll turn things around! The rules of this particular award are as follows: 1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. 2. Share seven random facts about yourself. 3. Pass … Continue reading

In Which I Am Editing Again

I am so confused by myself lately. I seem to have great discipline one day, and then none the next. I wrote 30,000 words in my old WIP and then just stopped. Uninspired? I don’t know. I have ideas I’d like to write, I know where the story needs to go. But then Gold Valley … Continue reading