My Emo Writing Adventure

I wrote 2500 words last night and had a very emotional time doing so. If  you haven’t already checked out Gregory Alan Isakov – he is an indie musician with some pretty powerful, if mellow, music –  you should do so. Anyway, I was listening to dear Gregory, tears in my eyes, as I pounded at those ten odd pages.

Something happened to me as I wrote last night. I barely even remember writing those pages, barely remember those words coming from me. I do remember tears filling my eyes as the words filled up the page, as one character had an epiphany about his life while another started on a path to his own destruction. They didn’t laugh at me when I cried for them.

Boyfriend did, though. Jerk.

When I was done, I didn’t feel the pressure in my chest release. Usually when I’ve just finished writing such an emotional passage, something that inspires tears and strange dreams, I feel better. Relieved that it’s out of me. Not last night. I feel as though this means I’m not done yet, haven’t said everything that needs saying. My characters are still trying to tell me, “there’s more, there’s more!”

I plan to write again when I get home, Gregory Alan Isakov in the background, fueling my emo writing adventure. Guess we’ll see what happens!

What about you? Do you ever have  emotional experiences when you write?

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