In Which A Brisk Bike Ride Clears My Head

Or my nose. Seriously, it was cold out there today. Here I am, waking up at 6, checking the weather and seeing that it’s supposed to be 70 degrees today. Hurray! I shall bike the 5 miles to work. Recently, I ponied up the funds to purchase a brand new bike from REI. During the summer, I bike everywhere. It is my version of a car (since I don’t have one of those). So imagine my joy when I saw that it was supposed to be warm enough to jump on and glide downtown!

I walked outside and was immediately frozen. No turning back now – my usual bus had already left and I would be stuck for another half an hour, which would make me late. So I got on my bike and suffered through the sweat freezing on my skin and the icy wind blowing directly in my face. 5 miles later, I got off my bike and treated myself to an expensive latte – I deserved it, dammit!

Despite the frigidity of this morning (and my bitterness at the fact that, the minute I got off the bike it warmed up by about 20 degrees), biking always helps me clear my head. It is the perfect time to reflect on what I am doing and what I am writing. No time at work to sort through which characters are saying what to whom? Bike to work, and you’ve just given yourself the time!

Sure, you could drive, but you’ll be busy yelling at pedestrians and other cars to pay attention to your characters jabbering on in your head. Of course you could take the bus, but you’ll be busy watching the crazy antics of the middle aged woman who is already plastered before breakfast. No, biking is definitely the way to go.

How bout you? Do you use exercise as a way to clear your headand contemplate your writing? Or do you just use as…well, exercise?

3 Responses to “In Which A Brisk Bike Ride Clears My Head”
  1. carrie m says:


    I definitely think exercise is a great way to clear your head and contemplate writing. I get some of my best ideas when walking, biking or blading, or sometimes even on an easy run. Great post, and thanks for the reminder that I should rip myself away from my computer today to take a walk.

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