And the Words Keep Coming

A thousand more words today in the still untitled WIP from August and I’m still on a role. It’s spilling out of me and shows no sign of slowing down – I’m barraged with new ideas daily and the thought of sitting down and writing is incredibly exciting.

I haven’t felt like this since November. Now, I’m wary of this sudden inspiration, worried that it may dry up as soon as it’s begun. I often have bouts of creative inspiration, only to find the next week that I have no more left. It’s a heartbreaking experience, every time. I’m hoping it doesn’t run out before I get a few thousand more words in, though…

So, to those of you still participating in Script Frenzy: are you still having fun? Still getting to your goals? Or are you like me, and have you decided to put the project aside?

2 Responses to “And the Words Keep Coming”
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