In Which the Music Takes Over

I stopped participating in Script Frenzy. The story simply wasn’t calling to me anymore and everything felt forced. I was creatively drained.

So I called off the frenzy and I put the story aside. Yesterday, I turned on my music and sat down to check some emails. I opened up gmail and deleted my junk mail, read my subscriptions, laughed at ridiculous forwards sent by friends.

Two hours later I had written 2,000 words in a WIP I haven’t touched since August.  A Mumford and Sons song that has never inspired this sort of creativity in me took its turn in my iTunes and before I knew what had happened, I had written the scene that blocked me from continuing with this WIP back in August.

Now, all of these songs are popping up on my ipod and inspiring so much more – I have all of these ideas now, ideas that I struggled to come up with months ago and finally gave up on. I’ve written 5,000 words in the last two days. This is a story that I had almost completely given up on, and now it’s flowing like a river in spring.

Guess something good came out of Script Frenzy after all.

4 Responses to “In Which the Music Takes Over”
  1. Yes. I am in the same ScriptFrenzy boat with you. Just had too much going on this month, lol. So, I put my script aside and did start reorganizing a Fantasy story I’ve been working for the past five years.

    But, music is cool like that how it can stir your creativity.

  2. Maggie says:

    Awesome! I love how music has the power to inspire.

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