In Which Script Frenzy Kicked My Butt (And It’s Not Even Over)

Yep. You read correctly. I have given up on Scriptfrenzy. The story wasn’t calling to me the way I thought it was – there is still something missing and I can’t put my finger on it. A friend had some great advice that I’m toying with, but nothing is solid.

It’s funny that I had such an easy time with NaNoWriMo – that story just flowed and it was a fantastic lesson in deadlines. Except that….apparently it didn’t stick. I’m having the opposite experience with Scriptfrenzy – the story is hard to muddle through, I am having a hard time finding the energy to work through it, and I forget to write for days on end. Again, a fantastic lesson – in knowing your story before you embark. At least, for me. I know so many people who just begin and the story flows. For me, I need outlines, I need a solid plan, and I need to know my ending.

Guess we’ll see what happens the last few weeks of April, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

3 Responses to “In Which Script Frenzy Kicked My Butt (And It’s Not Even Over)”
  1. Maggie says:

    I’m actually ahead of schedule on Screnzy, but I hate my story. I think I planned way too much ahead of time… no room for improvisation and too late to turn back now, I suppose.

    • Yes, if you’re at the point where you’re ahead, just keep going! Finish it. I never got to that point, so let me live vicariously through you : ) Actually though, I’ve decided to just start on it as a novel again. It seemed to flow better. Plus I have a few more ideas that will work will in that format.

      Good luck in finishing, keep me updated!

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