In Which There is a Pause, or, Finding the Motivation

There is a moment in your life when you wonder what you’re doing here. Scratch that – there are millions of moments, millions and billions of pauses we take throughout our lifetime when we wonder what we’re doing here.

Growing up, I knew what I wanted. I still do – but I also thought it would be easier to get it when I was five. I’m older now – my birthday is tomorrow and I still don’t have what I thought I would. I am writing – but I’m not getting paid to do it. I do some acting, but most of them are not career-changing projects. I am happy that I have a job that doesn’t drain me creatively, and I’m happy to have friends that make films and who sometimes let me be in them. I’m doing what I wanted – but I wanted to do it bigger.

When do you finally decide that you need to do something bigger with your passion? When do you dig your heels in the dirt and stand up to that voice of yours that says you should settle for what you have and not pursue it further? When does “go big or go home” stop being a phrase and start being your way of life?

4 Responses to “In Which There is a Pause, or, Finding the Motivation”
  1. As soon as you start asking yourself those very same questions.

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