This Is Harder Than I Thought

NaNoWriMo flew by for me.  It felt wonderful – I had so much to say, I loved my characters. It connected.

Scriptfrenzy has been harder. There is something not clicking, not falling into place. My characters are interesting but their chemistry is just a little bit off. I need to get to know them better but there just isn’t time. I’m concerned I won’t finish but then I ask myself – is it better to finish a script that you aren’t sure you want to write, or is it better to wait until you know what you want?

What do you think?


4 Responses to “This Is Harder Than I Thought”
  1. Well, I must admit, I’ve fallen a little behind myself. Mainly due to writing time constraints and work/life in general . Like you, I like my characters, and the story, just happen to have a lot of things going on the last couple days.

    To answer your question, I think it’s better to wait if you can, instead of working on something you’re not sure about. No sense in writing in the dark, right?

    • Yes, I think I might end up doing that. I’ve taken a few days to reflect on it and I still can’t decide whether this story is more “novel” or more “screenplay”. The way it’s formatted in my head definitely lends itself to a television script – there’s a nice, neat A,B,C storyline going. But that also worked really well when I was writing it in novel form. So. Maybe I’ll be sitting out of scripFrenzy this time. Still not sure. oh so many lessons to learn!

  2. melani rae says:

    My very unhelpful answer would be: both.

    • That is unhelpful : p
      But really, I think it might be true. I don’t know! Blah! Every time I sit down to write it as a script I go blank. But then again, I was doing that when it was a novel too, soooo….something’s wrong with the story. I’m just not sure what.

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