In Which Heroes Has Sucked Out My Brain

**Spoilers ahead**

It’s not even well written. The characters and their actions are contrived so much so often that I find myself rolling my eyes. There are so many things that do not make sense, that do not have reason. My ability to suspend disbelief has been pushed to it’s limit.

And yet. There is something very persuasive about Heroes, and I’ll tell you what it is. It says that there is a possibility you might be special. That you might be less normal than you originally thought, that you could possess some kind of power that sets you apart from the rest. We all want to be special, don’t we? We all want to feel like the mundane every day lives we lead might not be all we ever have to offer.

Plus, there’s all these cliff hangers. It’s their best tactic, honestly. I can’t sit there with a cliff hanger facing me and not want to watch more. Milo Ventimiglia is cute but not a gifted actor. Hayden Panattiere has the whales on her side but she really isn’t much more than a pretty little blond. The most persuasive characters to me are Hiro Nakamura, the time stopper,


and Sylar, the serial killer. They really lucked out with Zachary Quinto, who is the show’s only brilliant and gifted actor. Hiro is interesting because his heroe’s journey is the most believable to watch, and he pulls it off well. Sylar’s story is awesome because Sylar is not just written off as a super hero – he is one of us, one of those in the audience who need to feel special, more special than everyone else. The difference is he will kill people to become it. A look into his home life helps explain this aspect of the character quite well. But in the end, it’s still those blasted cliff hangers that keep me coming back.

I’m starting season two when I get home from work today. I’ll let you know if the writing gets any better. I don’t have faith that it will – but at least Zachary Quinto will be there.

2 Responses to “In Which Heroes Has Sucked Out My Brain”
  1. Yeah, I got into Hero’s for a hot second, but couldn’t stick with it. Some of it just seemed so cheesy.

    • There is cheese galore in this show. And totally bad lines and plot devices that I simply cannot stand. If I could call up the writers and yell at them for some of these lines, I would. But hey, they’re making it and I’m not, so what does that tell ya? : p

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