We Have A Problem

We have a problem. We as in, the human race. Okay, we have several problems. Hundreds, thousands. But I’m going to talk about one.

Pride. The absence or refusal of shame. Yesterday, I witnessed a blatant bridge burning on Facebook. Yes, Facebook (word of advice: if you’d like to burn a bridge with one person, don’t do it on Facebook. You will burn more than just the one).

In film, you do not want to burn bridges. You want to keep as many of them intact as possible – you want to build a network of bridges, whether they make sense at the time or not. Building a bridge over another bridge? Sure, not totally usable at the time being. But if the other bridge falls down from old age or decay, there’s another one there.

In this world, this industry, if you burn one bridge, you burn many bridges. You cut off access to many things and places. By being proud and not admitting that you are very, very, shamefully wrong, you screw yourself over in so many ways.

Why are we incapable of apologizing? Why, when we are faced with someone whose feelings we have hurt, can we not just say we are sorry? Why do we have to say, “Well it’s your fault because of this personality flaw” Or, “it’s your fault because you can’t laugh at yourself”

People. This is a lesson. A plea, whatever you want to call it. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t hurt others’ feelings and then refuse to take responsibility. You will only hurt yourself.

I’m sure you can semi-guess the situation – one person pulled a prank on a girl that was really, really not funny. In fact, it was pretty horrible. And his excuse? “She can’t laugh at herself. Not my fault”.

Well, there are fifty people who disagree with him and will never work with him again. See where pride gets you?

Have you ever been too proud to say you’re sorry? Been in a situation like this one?


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